Driveshaft Parts and Assembly

Inner Races

Inner races (Regular, Cross Groove, Shafted, 8 track, and 10 track) we forge provide a smooth, wear-resistant surface for bearing balls to rotate, minimizing friction and enabling efficient power transfer.


Each Spider/Tripod (Regular and Premium) is meticulously forged for exceptional strength, stability, and smooth power transfer, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for the vehicle's drivetrain.

Tripod Housings

Tripod Housings are responsible for transmitting power and handling torque smoothly. We forge Long-Stem, Female, and Premium Tripod Housings to cater to various automotive needs.

Outer Races

Each Regular and Premium Outer Race is meticulously forged using high-quality materials and advanced techniques, guaranteeing consistent quality and dimensional accuracy.


We design and forge cages, a precision-engineered ring that guides and separates the rolling elements (often balls) within the bearing, specifically for demanding automotive applications.


Yokes are the sturdy connectors between the driveshaft and other drivetrain components each holding a crucial piece in the power transfer chain.


Within the complex choreography of a car's driveshaft, assemblies act as the conductors, bringing all the elements together for a seamless performance and ensuring the driveshaft operates at its peak.