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Super Auto Forge Private Limited (SAF) was started in 1974 and this year is its 40th year of existence. Today SAF is the largest manufacturer of Cold & Warm forged components in India and for some of the product families like CV Joints, Aluminium Braking parts, SAF is also rated among the top 3 Global Suppliers.From the modest Sales Turnover of less than Rs.3 crores in early 90’s, SAF has grown almost 100 folds to cross Rs.350 crores Sales in 2014. SAF is a strong technology driven Company and does not have any collaboration. SAF has a dedicated in-house R&D, having highly competent Engineers for Process/Product Development and Tool Innovations. SAF also has a dedicated Tool Room and exclusive Forging Presses for development purposes. SAF has been growing steadily from 1994.

During the Global Recession in 2008, SAF Management turned the adversity to an opportunity to achieve the following by de-risking the company, region-wise as well as sector-wise. Today SAF has approximately 10% off its sales from Non-Auto business and the Sales are almost equally distributed between Asia, Europe & USA. SAF is a single source supplier to most of the globally competing Tier -1 suppliers in the part family portfolio. SAF has strength of 1092 employees (Engineers, skilled & unskilled). SAF has excellent Industrial relationship with its employees and through out these 40 years of existence, there was no loss of production due to any labor issues. SAF has in place Employee Motivation schemes, viz., Monthly Performance Incentive, Suggestion scheme, Higher Education scheme for employees,allowance for employee children education, apart from annual get-together with employee families.The highly motivated employees participate in lot of continuous improvement activities on an on-going basis, thereby resulting in improvement of processes and cost-saving.SAF has a robust and transparent cost control exercise which is monitored by the manufacturing team themselves.

Forging being a power intensive sector, SAF has consciously invested in green energy and today it is in a position to utilize almost 70% of the total power consumption through Wind & Solar Power Plants owned by SAF.All the Plants of SAF has lot of greenery and has water treatment and recycling plant, thereby conserving the water.SAF Management is involved in lot of CSR activities to promote education, health and the general society welfare schemes in its neighborhood. SAF’s vision is to become a globally acknowledged manufacturer of Cold & Warm forged parts. In order to meet this vision, SAF has been constantly improving / innovating not only the products but also the processes. With regard to manufacturing processes, SAF has implemented lot of lean initiatives. SAF has been constantly bench-marking the various manufacturing systems with the other global manufacturers and upgrading the processes. From 15 lakhs per annum turnover per employee during 2009, SAF has increased this value to 30 in 2013. In the product market segment where SAF has its presence today, it is rated among the top 5. SAF has made long term plans to carry out lot of forwarding integration to become the best in class.

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